Apr 11, 2014

Mushroom Rock
-- Mostly Rideable, Lower Roller Coaster NOT RIDING, there is pockets of mud on other trails so be respectful.

Prince Creek
-- NOT Rideable Snow/Mud

Boy Scout
-- NOT Rideable

-- NOT Rideable

Tall Pines
-- NOT Rideable

Basalt Mountain
-- NOT Rideable

Rim Trail (snowmass)
-- NOT Rideable

Bike Path / Rio Grand
-- Open (Closed between Catherine Store and Willits)

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Located in beautiful Carbondale Colorado, Aloha Mountain Cyclery is more than just a independent bicycle retail operation. We chose to use the word "aloha" in our name because it is several concepts.  Aloha can mean "hello", "goodbye", or refer to a friendly, relaxed state of mind or atmosphere such as the "aloha spirit".   We like to think it refers to all of these in our business as well.

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