The Aaron Taylor

Mechanic/ Community Projects Director

The Aaron Taylor started working on bicycles at the same time he learned how to ghost ride his schwinn BMX off of his neighbor's mulch pile. Aaron is passionate about all things bicycle, and hopes to influence others to become bicycle lifestylists.

“Bicycles have allowed me to grow personally, in the community, and globally. Bicycles cannot overcome all the world’s challenges, but they are certainly an important part of the solution," says the Aaron Taylor.

Aaron also runs the Bonedale Bicycle Project, a communty bike program that teaches people to wrench by helping them build a bike from recycled parts. Give a hommie a fixed bike, they'll ride until it breaks again. Teach a hommie to fix a bike, and they'll keep on riding. The Aaron Taylor is cool like that.

Viva la Bici!

Wheel Suck'a

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