Co-Owner/ Head Mechanic

I got my first taste of bikes on a local mtn bike race scene back in WI in the late 90's.  Then, while enjoying a four year vacation in the navy, I took my passion of riding all over the globe.

Choosing not to continue my military career, in Aug 2001, I found myself (with much luck) landing in the best place on earth- the Roaring Fork Valley and finished out the year as a ski tech in a local ski shop.

Spring 2002 I went all in and becoming an apprentice wrench under the two most experienced mechanics in the valley at the time, which fueled my ethusiasm for the bike industry, and gave me the knowledge and motivation to move up thru the ranks of management and on to ownership. I've been in the industry for nearly ten years now, and my love for all things bikes has futher grown.

Ride fast take chances!

Wheel Suck'a

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