Our fitter Darren has well over a decade of professional fitting experience, and has worked with all kinds of cyclists- from Iron Man triathletes, to long-distance tourers, to folks that just want to be comfortable on liesurely spins down the Rio Grande Trail.

With our Calfee Sizer Cycle, we can punch in a bikes geometry to determine your frame size and fit on a new bike. We can also adjust the fit on your current ride.

Fittings are $90 an hour, pro-rated every 15 minutes. Fits are garunteed and include follow up adjustments.

Give us a call to set up an appointment!


Why the Calfee Fit bike is such a great tool.


1. we make major fitting adjustments first
2. Next we adjust for your style of riding
3. Then we make micro adjustments for the perfect fit
4. Finally, we record your ideal geometry.

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