Trail Report

Trail Report

Mushroom Rock

Prince Creek

Hay Park

Boy Scout


Tall Pines

Basalt Mountain

Rim Trail (snowmass)
Dry n' Dusty

Sky Mountain Park
Dry n' Dusty

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Lollipop Loop

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Local Mountain Bike Rides


Red Hill System

The Red Hill trail system is is located on the North side of Carbondale with the parking lot right by the stop light for highway 82 and 133. Red Hill features technical climbing and decents along with fast and flowy terrain. It starts with a technical climb lasting roughly 45 minutes to the top of mushroom rock. Once you reach the top you have the choice to either turn and come down the trials or head out to the North Side loop. The North Side loop provides a fun loop with more gradual terrain that the main climb and decent of the Red Hill area. There is a map at the trail head of the system that clearly lays out all the possible routes and trail intersections are clear. Go to Red Hill if you are looking for fun, technical and challenging rides.

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Price Creek
The Prince Creek trail system is located on the southern edge of town. As you head south on HWY 133 turn left onto Prince Creek Road/ 111 Rd, which is a few hundred yards past the High School. Once you make the left onto Prince Creek road follow it straight up until the road turns to dirt. There you will see it open up a bit for parking. Starting from the lot you will peddle up the road for a short distance until you cross a cattle guard and jump on the trail on your left. Prince Creek is nothing but fun. It is primarilly buffed out single track that occompanies all skill levels. The trails are not mapped, but are easy to find and everything ends up looping back to the bottom.

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Hay Park

Situated on the northern shoulder of Mt. Sopris, Hay Park is a beautiful mountain bike ride.  You'll pass through aspens, fields and thick pine forests.  To get there head south out of Carbondale on Hwy 133, turn left onto Prince Creek/ 111 Rd. Follow until you reach the Crown.  Turn right, there is parking here, just (2 miles from primary parking at trailhead) Continue 2 miles to main parking area.  Take a picture of the map at the trailhead as a back up to a proper map like, Latitude 40.

The trail starts opposite the parking lot, where it climbs steadily most of the way to Hay Park.  You will follow the well used hike/horse/bike trail through one gate, shortly after you'll enter a meadow climbing up to riders right where you will reach the one official intersection (1.7 mi).  Right goes to Mt. Sopris summit and Wilderness.  You want to take a left to reach Hay Park (3.9 mi).  You can continue to Capital Creek Road as an out and back or take one of two side trails but these are better done with someone who knows the routes.

Snow lingers until late in the season and cows cover the area in later summer.

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Basalt Mountain

Basalt Mountain is a fun trail system that offers easy to intermediate trails.  Larger loops that demand a stronger rider are available.  To get there head east on Hwy 82 towards Aspen.  Turn left at the Wendy's on to El Jebel Rd which becomes Upper Cattle Creek, follow for 5.4 miles. Continue straight on Basalt Mountain Road, reaching parking lot after 2.1 miles.

There is a map at the trail head, snap a photo with your phone as back up but it's best to have a proper map like Latitude 40.   Most people ride one of two smaller loops.  Ride up Basalt Mtn. Rd either riding down Mill Creek Trail or the Little Loop Trail and returning on the Ditch Trail (which is the small connector trail between Basalt Mtn. Rd. and Little Loop Trail.

If you looking for a longer ride you can continue past Mill Creek Trail another 1.9 miles to Basalt Mountain Trail (5.3 mi from parking lot).  At 8.8 miles you reach the junction of Cattle Creek Trail and Red Table Trail.  Red Table is unmaintained but is still passable.  It is strenuous and can be an out and back or one can continue to Rd. 514 looping back to the west and returning to the Basalt Mountain trail system via Lone Pine Trail.  The simpler and less strenuous options is to turn left at junction and continue on the Cattle Creek Trail 3.7 miles reaching Rd. 509 at mile 12.5.  At 12.7 one can go right and ride the Ditch Trail or left brings you back towards Mill Creek and Little Loop Trails.

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Scout Trail/Forest Hollow

From Carbondale head West on Hwy 82 for 9.5 miles.  Take a right on Red Canyon Rd.  Continue 2.8 miles, then take a left onto dirt road 115 which becomes Rd 120.  Follow Rd 115/120 1.6 miles to parking lot on right.  The trail exits up hill from the parking lot at about 2 o'clock if one was standing at entrance.  The trail starts with double track, eventually becoming single track at Bear Creek, and ends with a technical steep descent where caution is needed.

Follow double track until you get to the first major intersection (0.4 mi).  Take a right down hill.  The trail will climb and descend a few times, eventually climbing to a saddle where it descend steeply (1.4 mi).  At the base of this descent turn left, do not climb again.  This left is known as Bear Creek, (1.8 mi) This is easy to pass.  Look for large pine tree on left.

Follow the fast and flowing Bear Creek Trail about 3/4 of a mile, (2.5 mi).  Just after an open grassy area you'll enter the trees again and there's a trail heading uphill to the left.  This is the Forest Hollow Trail.  Be ready for a fun ride all the way to Glenwood from here.  The Forest Hollow Trail winds along the mountain side all the way to the Boy Scout trail, (7.4 mi) where the trail descends steeply.  The Boy Scout Trail will be on the right.  Take note this trail is steep and has many blind corners and hikers frequent it.  You'll reach the Glenwood Springs trailhead on 8th Street, (9.6 mi)  From here you can shuttle if you took two cars or you can make you way to the Rio Grande Trail and follow it back to Red Canyon Road and back up to your car at the start 8.6 miles, (18.2 mil).

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Thompson Creek

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Snowmass Ski Area
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Hunter Creek, Aspen
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Other sites with trail info

Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association (RFMBA) - Please consider joining today! We greater numbers mtber's as a group will have more say in the valley.  Protect your future now!

Local Road Bike Rides

Distances measured from the shop

10-35 miles

C'dale > GWS >C'dale on Path  Map

C'dale > Red Canyon Rd > Upper Cattle Creek >Frontage Rd > C'dale  Map

C'dale > Cattle Creek Road > Catherine Store > Path > C'dale  Map

C'dale > CMC road (county#114) > missouri Heights > Catherine Store > Path > C'dale  Map

C'dale > Redstone >C'dale  Map

Owl Creek Road > Maroon Bells > Owl Creek Road  Map

Owl Creek Road > Ashcroft > Owl Creek Road  Map


35-65 miles

C'dale > Aspen > C'dale  Map

C'dale > McClure Pass > Paonia  Map

C'dale > Marble > C'dale  Map

C'dale > Lenado > C'dale  Map


65-100+ miles

C'dale > Cottonwood Pass > Gypsum > GWS Bike path > C'dale  Map

C'dale > McClure Pass > Paonia > C'dale  Map

C'dale > Independence Pass > C'dale  Map

C'dale > Ruedi Reservior > C'dale  Map



Nice pump track and beginner level berm track (Plans are in motion to redo both!)

El Jebel

ABA certified BMX track -Crown Mountain


Eagle County BMX

Competiive level track with start gate:

Open Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm  | Sat 9am - 5pm  | Sun 10am - 5pm | 970-963-2500