Bike Tips

Bike Tips

We live in a great community. There is always somethign going on in Carbondale and throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Below we hope you can find something going on that will satisfy your burning desire to get outdoors, move those legs and met some new friends out on the trail. Aloha!.

Bike Tip #1

Wet Shoes?

No one likes putting on wet shoes in the morning after a wet ride the day before.


After a wet ride remove your insoles, then stuff your shoes with newspaper.  If your shoes are really wet you may want to change out the newspaper a few times.  This should draw out most of the water during the night.

Bike Tip #2

Need a Trail Map?

Do you hate carrying a big map?  Tired of your maps getting ruined from sweating all over them in your pocket?  Take a few pictures with your phone or at the trail head map station.

Bike Tip #3

Cold Feet?

insert your used energy bar or chew wrapper in your shoes on top of your foot to block the wind when your ride turns unexpectily cold.

Bike Tip #4

Ripped Side Wall

Use a dollar bill, engery bar or gel wrapper folded up to make a tire boot.  It will get you home in a pinch.

Bike Tip #5

Broken Frame? Break out the Zip Ties

Carry an assortment of sizes of plastic wire/zip ties in you pack ot repair that dreaded catastrophic frame failure.

Bike Tip #6

Ran out of chain lube? : Use Olive Oil

Use olive oil to lube your chain when you run out of a high grade synthetic chain lubricant. But get into a shop and by the real stuff soon.

Bike Tip #7

Tire flat? Out of Tubes? Call the Chopper!

Always leave a stash of cash in your jersey or bike bag. When you are out of options.. call in the reinforcements.

Bike Tip #8

Stay off wet trails

Riding muddy trails will ruin many trails by leaving ruts. Plus it gets your pretty bike and face all muddy. Don't do it.

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