Way Of Compassion Bicycle Project

Way Of Compassion Bicycle Project Hosted by Aloha Mountain Cyclery

The Bonedale Bicycle Project strives to increase personal, community, and global health through sustainable bicycle projects and programs.

To date we have built:

262 bikes

Volunteer hours to date:

2089 Hours

Donations to date:


The Bonedale Bicycle Project would like to thank current and past internship participants:

Sam Bovee

Wes Engstrom

Ian Catto

Ezra Brown

Jimmy Serrano

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The Bonedale Bicycle Project started in 2009 to meet the need of refurbishing landfill-bound bicycles and provide inexpensive transportation and joy to Carbondale locals. During the years of 2009 and 2010 the Bonedale Bicycle Project was run in a parking lot, and provided local citizens with an opportunity to help repair their bicycles. Community bicycle work days were held once a week during warm months. During these years the Bonedale Bicycle Project achieved in refurbishing over 60 bicycles for sale, and raising $500.00 for Worldbike.org.

Starting in 2011, Aloha Mountain Cyclery in Carbondale adopted the Bonedale Bicycle Project, and currently hosts the program in house. During the first 5 months of operations at Aloha, the Bonedale Bicycle Project refurbished 40+ bicycles and provided 200 hours of expertise, training, and maintenance for local citizen’s and their bicycles. During this time the Bonedale Bicycle Project donated $1600.00 to Worldbike.org, and $500.00 to bicycles for humanity.

So far in 2012 the BBP has continued to thrive thanks to Aloha Mountain Cyclery and volunteer participants. This year volunteers have provided over 600 hours of education and wrenching for the local community. During this time 44 bicycles have been refurbished and put back on the road. The most significant change is the BBP has a storage unit in La Fontana plaza and for the first time in our history have an operating budget. The storage unit is full and bicycles waiting to be refurbished are plentiful thanks to donations from the community.

During the winter of 2012/2013, the Bonedale Bicycle Project began its formal internship program. This program is intended for high school age young adults and focuses on longer term mechanical training, community service focus, professional life skills, and building a support staff for the Bonedale Bicycle Project.

The summer of 2013 proved busy. Bike project Sunday appointments were booked sometimes 3 months out. The Bonedale bicycle project continued to build the internship program with Wes Engstrom and Ian Catto. The summer of 2013 marked the first full year of paying for the storage unit. The total operating budget was paid in full ($2500.00) with funds raised through bicycle sales, appointments, and donations. In excess of this money, the bonedale bicycle project had an excess to donate to worldbike.org. This years donation was $600.00

The Bonedale bicycle project continued forward through 2014 with great success. Sunday Appointments were booked out 2 months in advance, and most participants attended their assigned times. Many bicycles were refurbished and returned to use locally, as well, many new and returning community members used the Bonedale Bicycle Project to maintain their own bicycles. The project was lucky enough to have Sam Bovee as an intern 3 days a week, and his help was very valuable. The most exciting news came when Nic and Darren of Aloha Mountain Cyclery added the Bonedale Bicycle Project into their formal business plan, making Aloha Mountain Cyclery a home for up-cycled bicycles for the community. 2015 will mark the beginning of year round Bonedale Bicycle Project programs. Bicycles refurbished and sold will have a new pricing structure to hopefully increase donations made to other organizations.




The BBP accepts bicycle donations and rescues bicycles in order to be refurbished and sold at Aloha Mountain Cyclery. 32% of all bicycle sales goes to supporting the bonedale bicycle project and donations worldwide. Donated bicycles can be dropped off at Aloha Mountain Cyclery during normal business hours, and should be to the care of Aaron. We thank you for your help with this cause!

The BBP provides a professional Mechanic once a week for local citizens to use his/her expertise and tools to work on their own bicycle or build one from our donated stock. Appointments are necessary and can be made with Aaron at Aloha Mountain Cyclery. Current days and hours are listed below:

Aloha Mountain Cyclery


Sundays from 10am - 4pm

Bicycles for Humanity ( www.bicycles-for-humanity.org

Worldbike.org ( www.worldbike.org )

Holiday Baskets

Bonedale Bicycle Week




Open Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm  | Sat 9am - 5pm  | Sun 10am - 5pm | 970-963-2500