Winter Tunes

Winter Tunes

You ride a lot. Your bike was expensive. Take care of that thing!

On a mountain bike, suspenion seals and oils should replaced every year, pivots lubed and tightened, and disc brakes should be flushed. This is the time of year to do it.

As we move into the winter off season (Nov. through Feb.) we will be offering our off season tune rates. Take 20% off labor so that your bike is quiet and ready to roll come spring time. There's nothing better than being able to pull your bike out once the sun's out and going for a ride while everyone else is waiting to get their bikes running again.

  • Nov. 1 to Jan. 31st
  • 20% off parts and labor (dang, what a sweet deal)
  • No waiting in Spring!


Bike Storage

Most of us have winter sports we like to do and our bikes don't get used much when the white stuff is on the ground. Along with our Winter Tunes mentioned about we will store your bike after it's all tuned up, so you don't have to. Just please remember to pick it up come spring (but once the snow melts, we're sure we won't really have to remind you).


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