Bike Service and Repairs

At Aloha we pride ourselves on providing excellent service for any repair from simple waterbottle cage installs to full overhauls. Our mechanics are experienced in all aspects of bike repair and can provide you with tips and tricks to keep you riding. If you're not sure what your bike needs, bring it in and we’ll gladly inspect it for free and share our assessment of the best way to get you back in the saddle. Please note: we’re a hands on shop so we may need your bike for a day or two for a complete evaluation.


Service with a smile

Photo: Sean O'Conner

  • To schedule an appointment to have your bike tuned up either give us a call or drop by the shop.
  • We do all repairs on an appointment basis and can sometimes be booked a week or two out, so make sure to plan accordingly and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.


Aloha one year Service plan

  • With every bike purchase we provide a one year service plan where we include small adjustments and full tunes to keep your bike running like new*
  • The service plan doesn't cover cost for any parts that are broken from a crash or outside force, but does cover the labor to install them and covers all warranty-able items.
  • We generally recommend getting the bike in for its first tune in the 30 to 60 day time frame.


*As your bike goes through the break in period, cables and housing will seat and stretch, causing shifting and or brakes to come out of adjustment so we have the service plan to take care of that for you so that the bike is always in good riding condition.


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